FAQ For Moving company

FAQ For Moving companies

It is found that Home moving in a strange country is not ever an easy task. More than 5 years providing Home Moving service for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh city, Nguyenloimoving has given a large number of questions from customers. The followings are top 10 common given questions. If you have any question, Don't hesitate to contact Nguyenloimoving through 0909185115 for free consulting.

NguyenloiMoving is a transportation company established in 2012. We provide many services of transportation including : truck rental, homemoving and office moving.

Since the establishment, NguyenloiMoving is instantly making great efforts to improve our service’s quality and bring customer s more practical benefits.

- Hotline: 0909 185 115 – 0933 027 420

- Send SMS via Zalo, Viber : 0909 185 115 – 0933 027 420

- Inbox Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/nguyenloimoving/

- Distance from old home to new place

- Volume of furniture

- Moving conditions (floor, alley, basement, lobby... )

- Moving package: packing, truck rental and movers or full package

You should better contact us at least 2 days before moving days to make sure that our service is available at that day. Our move consultant can assist with delivery dates, additional moving services (packing, unpacking, mover, etc.) and any questions you may have about the process. If there is any change of your move date, please contact the move consultant as soon as you can.

You can call Hotline: 0933 027 420 from 5am- 9pm for support even Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, NguyenloiMoving ensures to compensate 100% for any damaged stuff.

Not if the estimate is not written in contract. Make sure all estimates are in written in contract. If it’s in agreement, movers legally obligated to follow the estimate. If you add items or request additional services, the movers are not obligated to move them. For requested additional services at either origin or destination, the total cost will increase.

You can pay in cash or by credit cards. If you pay by credit card, you should discuss with relocation consultant to your shipment.

Contact your move consultant if you need to add or subtract any items from your move plan. He/she can assist you with any changes or updates. Keep in mind your cost estimate may change.

If you are moving to a home, the charges are based on the volume of your stuff and moving distance. Typically, you can send the photo of your moving items via Zalo or Viber to move consultants or the relocation consultant will arrive at your home to complete the visual survey of your items. Once this is completed, the move consultant will calculate the weight, packing cost and any other charge related to your demand to give you a quote. Remember that the relocation consultant must clearly see what you are moving in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Yes, we provide 3 options for your need:

  • Rent truck only (you handle packing and moving yourself)
  • Rent truck and mover (you handle packing yourself )
  • Full package service



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