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House cleaning tips for New Year


New year is coming, everyone want to clean their house. However, cleaning up the house is not an easy task. Don’t worry NguyenloiMoving will share with you some tips to clean up your house in simple way.

Cleaning house for New Year

1. Make a cleaning checklist

Don’t clean your house in a hurry, you should make a checklist before. For example, you plan to clean the living room first, then kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. 

House cleaning checklist

Now you have a perfect checklist, let start cleaning your house for New Year in an exciting mood, so cleaning tasks become much easier.

2. Throw away unnecessary stuff

Unnecessary items such as a broken TV, an old radio should be thrown away and replaced with new ones.

Throw away unnecessary stuff

If you have a lot of sundries, you should put all of them into a carton box in the corner of your house.

3. Clean up glass/mirror

You can use window cleaner and old newspapers to make the mirror / glass look shiny.

Cleaning glass and mirror

4. Clean up Microwave

If you find hard to clean your microwave oven, try to put a glass of water with a few of lemon slices and turn on the oven for 5 minutes, the steam will soften the plaque, help you clean easily.

Cleaning Microwave with lemon

5. Clean up Refrigerator

You should use a soft cloth and a little toothpaste to clean stains on the refrigerator.

Cleaning refrigerator with basking soda

Beginning to clean the refrigerator from the top compartment, you can use baking soda and water to clean the refrigerator. These substances will not leave the smell in the refrigerator as other types of detergents.

6. Clean up furniture

Take a clean towel with fresh milk and clean the wooden appliances, then wipe with water again. Furniture will be cleaned quickly.

Cleaning furniture with milk

7. Clean the stainless steel

To remove the stains on stainless steel, you just use a soft cloth with lemon and wipe the stains in circle, the pot will be like new.

Cleaning stainless steel with lemon

Make your own plan to clean your house to welcome New year right now. Hope you have good life in the coming year.

And you, do you have any tips for cleaning house, please comment to let others know.

House cleaning tips for New Year
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