How to move a piano

[Moving hack] How to move a piano without worry

Piano is considered the king of the instrument. This precious valuable and meaningful to the owner. However, this is a large and heavy items. When moving the piano to another place, the owner often feels anxious and insecure.

Piano should moved with experienced and careful movers, otherwise you will have trouble in the process of transportation. With the experience of piano mover, you can completely trust in NguyenloiMoving. We will never disappoint about our customers.

How to move piano safely
You must be very careful to move a piano

Difficulty transporting Piano

Moving any item of large size, heavy weight is always a concern of the movers. Piano which has a bulky size with a weight of between 135 kg and 360 kg, has the same difficult on moving. Therefore, when transporting this kind of piano, we will encounter many difficulties:

Difficulty in moving: Moving piano is not easy. It requires knowledg and the experience of moving Dan has a large inertia, so if you carry in the wrong direction, it is easy to cause bumps and scratches.

Need more people: When moving a piano, it requires at least 6 people in good health. If you do not have relatives or friends to help, it will be difficult to manage with your guitar.

Time: When you want to move the piano from one place to another, you need time to explore road and how to move it most careful. Also, if you are busy, you can only do those things over the weekend. You also have to prepare wrapping materials and wrapping them yourself. So it’s quite time consuming. If do not have the piano moving experience, it is a good idea to use a piano moving service.

Need more knowledge and experience: Unlike bulky furniture that requires a lot of effort, piano transport requires certain knowledge to ensure that no damage are happened during the moving process.

Notes when moving the piano

  • If you have never experienced piano transfer, do not know how to transport the piano properly, then the following notes are sure you need to know:
  • Locking the piano: This is the first thing you need to do when you want to move your piano to another position. Locking the instrument helps protect the keys. However, you should not use tape to hold the cover of piano because it will damage the wood surface of the piano.
  • Supporters needed: the piano is quite heavy weight, quite cumbersome, so you need to rely on the support of others when moving them. For pianos, ensure at least 6 people are involved in shipping
  • Wrap piano carefully: You should wrap the piano with bubble wrap or cardboard to avoid impact, scratch the piano, especial for corners of the piano.
How to move piano
Wrapping is the most important step to ensure no damage for piano when moving
  • Use a support device: Use some tools such as straps, cushions to ensure absolute safety for the piano.
  • Lift the piano properly: this is a very important step while moving the piano. When lifting the piano, absolutely do not lift by the feet of the piano because the feet of piano can not endure suddenly impact.
  • Make sure the piano is in the truck: When placing the piano on the truck for transportation, you need to make sure the feet come in with the floor, firmly and do not put the piano too close to the car.

Hope that with these tip, you can manage to move your piano successfully. Gook luch

[Moving hack] How to move a piano without worry
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