How to move a refrigerator

How to move a refrigerator safely by yourself

Materials should be prepared

You will probably need:

Measuring tape

Soft cloth

Carton box, film wrap (PE)


At least two people

Steps to move the refrigerator


1.Take out all food

Take all food out of the refrigerator, whether it is frozen or not and tray left in the refrigerator. If you move to a new home, one week before moving you should have food using and storage plan so that there is no food left at moving day

take all food out of refrigerator


2.Unplug the refrigerator

Unplug the refrigerator from the power for at least a few hours (prefer 1 day) before moving. Then tape electric wive to the back of the fridge. Do not need to tape carefully because it is hard to clean but it should be fixed in the refregerator

3.Clean and unfreeze the friedge

Unfreeze the remaining stone in the fridge. After taking all the food out of the refrigerator, clean the surface with a mixture of soda and water. Use a soft cloth to dry the refrigerator. You can use the hairdryer to make sure all the refrigerator is dry. This is to prevent water leaking during transportation.

It is best idea to let the refrigerator’s door open to prevent being mold and awful smell

4.Close the refrigerator door and fix it with a rope.

Use a sturdy rope or cloth to secure the doors and prevent them from being opened when moving. If the refrigerator has two doors, you should also tie the handle of the two doors together. Be careful not to tie too tightly; Otherwise, the door may be deviated from the original position.

You also should not use adhesive tape to fix the refrigerator door as this may damage the paint surface and leave adhesive stains. If the move lasts more than a day, you should open the refrigerator door to allow air to circulate and prevent mold growth.

Fix the door of friedge when moving

You can use a rope to tie the door of fridge

Whether you move the refrigerator away or near, you should also use carton first and then PE wrapped outside to prevent scratches and shocks during moving


5.Measure fridges and doors to plan your move.

Do not rush in, but let’s have a look at the friedge in the vertical. In some cases, you need to remove both to bring the refrigerator out.

Take the pen and measure, then record the height, width and length of the refrigerator. Then, measure the height and width of the doors, walkways. The measure is also very important to choose suitable truck because the friedge must be stayed vertical.


6.Remove obstacles on the road.

Before starting to move the refrigerator, check and remove all obstructions on the stairs, walkways and ramps to the truck.


7.Put the fridge in a trolley

Hand trolley requests are large enough to fit the bottom of the refrigerator. Lift the refrigerator a little forward and slide the trolley to the back of the refrigerator. Then use the straps to fix the refrigerator into the trolley. You should have at least 2 man in the family in good health to be responsible for doing this work.

Where can you borrow a trolley? Moving companies such as NguyenloiMoving are always available and can be borrowed for free.

Move the fridge by using trolley

Using trolley to move the fridge is the best way to make it safe


8.Tilt the refrigerator and move it carefully (slowly).

When you have forced the refrigerator into a trolley, slowly push the refrigerator slowly, ensuring that both ends and feet of the refrigerator are placed on the trolley. Remember, the refrigerator should not be tilted beyond 45 degrees. Move the trolley carefully. If you have to put down the refrigerator, make sure there is always someone to support.

When walking down the stairs, one person holds the foot in the backward direction, one holds the trolley. The two sides coordinate rhythmic, moving slowly. The steps to move the refrigerator up the stairs are similar.


9.Put the fridge in the truck

The truck has a lift, your moving becomes very easy. If not, then one people lifted under, the other stay on the truck. On the floor, you should place carton, and fix the refrigerator on the truck.

Move the fridge on the truck

Note of refrigerator when you arrive at your new home

When moving to your new home, remove the wrap and untie the rope. Gently move to the designated position.

Note after the refrigerator, absolutely not plugged in immediately but need to wait about 24 hours to avoid refrigerator gas shock, reduce the life of the longevity. In the meantime, open the refrigerator door to avoid mold growth.

How to move a refrigerator safely by yourself
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