How to move washing machine

Step by step to move a washing machine by yourself

Your family moved to another place but you do not know how to move the washing machine to prevent damage. Washing machines are bulky and expensive. If you accidentally leave a high-impact washing machine that will make the washing machine inefficient or even damaged. The cost of repairs is not cheap. For that reason, moving washing machines makes it difficult for many people. Therefore, in case you want to move the washing machine, you need to be very careful, to avoid affecting the washing machine.

With many years of experience in moving house, NguyenloiMoving has gathered valuable experience in transporting laundry machines quickly with no damage.

Let NguyenloiMoving share some tips to move washing machines properly and prevent damage:

1. Preparation of tools

You need to prepare the necessary tools to remove some parts of the washing machine: wrench, screwdriver, nipper

A trolley to move the washing machine safely

Prepare cover fabric, tape and PE film

2. Unplug the washing machine

After finishing the preparation period, unplug the washing machine cords and tie all the cords together or stick it neatly into the back of the washing machine to make moving easier.

 (Note: Do not put the wire in the washing machine, as this will damage the washing machine lid.)

Unplug the washing machine
Unplug the washing machine

3. Drain the water

Drain the water in the outflow pipe even though you are not using the washing machine. Before moving, you need to clean the water in the pipeline, then scroll the wires into the washing machine and close the washing machine lid.

4. Uninstall washing machine

Lock the tap, untwist water leading line and exhaust water line, put it in a plastic bag and put into the washing machine

With bulky items difficult to transport, you have to remove the parts to make it easier to transport. To help you transport the bed in a convenient way, NguyenloiMoving has shared in the tutorial on how to remove the bed properly.

5. Wrap washing machine

Let the washing machine do not scratch or damage during moving, use a cloth covering the entire washing machine and use PE film wrap outside. Use PE at least 3 rounds wrapped around the washing machine from bottom to top. You can also close the washing machine in a canvas bag (this bag is sold in supermarkets) or put the washing machine in a carton.

Wrap the washing machine
Wrap the washing machine at least 3 rounds

6. Put the washing machine on the trolley

To put the washing machine on a trolley you need at least two people. First, make sure the trolley does not move, then lift washing machine slowly on the trolley. Use the rope to fix the washing machine and the trolley. When pulling, remember to rearrange someone in the back of washing machine to prevent from falling

7. Put the washing machine on the truck

This is the hardest step in the process because the washing machine is quite heavy and requires two people to participate in this operation. A person will be on the front of the truck to support, the other person at the bottom lift the washing machine. During transportation, ensure that the lid of the washing machine is not opened. When the machine has reached the truck, you put the machine vertical, do not let the machine horizontal because it will adversely affects the operation of the washing machine later.

To help prevent the washing machines from scratching in the truck, you can use a mattress to insert between the washing machine and the other. The purpose of inserting the mattress in the middle to help furniture not slip and collide with other. However, the mattress must be carefully wrapped so that it is not stained. You can check out the way of transporting the mattress that NguyenloiMoving has advised from his moving experience.

With the sharing experience, NguyenloiMoving hope that you can successfully manage your beloved washing machine without damage. However, like moving air-conditioner transport, this is a very careful task. If you do not have the confidence to transport yourself without assistance, please call the experts moving in  Ho Chi Minh City with professional transportation equipment.

Step by step to move a washing machine by yourself
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