Packing clothes tips

Tips to pack clothes quickly within 15 minutes

One of the hardest things to do when moving is to find a way to pack all your clothes in your wardrobe and drawers fastest

It is important to keep clothes clean and free of wrinkles, especially for expensive clothes, parties, and clothes for business trips. This can be a big problem for some families when moving. Moving service in Ho Chi Minh City can be included packing clothes for you upon request, however with personal items such as clothes, you should do it yourself because it is quite simple and can save money.

There are many ways to pack clothing if you are willing to make an effort. Here are some tips to help you make sure that your clothes packaging is most convenient during the move.

I- Clean the clothes

Before starting to pack clothes, decide what clothes you will carry. Moving home is a great opportunity to throw away your clothes you don’t use anymore. Choose the clothes you really need from the “unnecessary” pile.

What kind of cloth you may not bring with:

  • Clothes do not fit your style and you never wear.
  • Clothes out of fashion
  • Clothes you will not need if you move to another climate or another country

Clothing that is no longer used can be utilized in the following ways:

  • Contribute to charity organization.
  • Sold in the second hand clothing store if they are too new.
  • Throw it away, especially if your clothes are torn or damaged.

In addition, leave old clothes aside for use as packing material – old T-shirts can be used to cover items such as crockery and glassware.

You should also leave the clothes you wear at moving day move along with your personal belongings. This clothe should be comfortable. Even think of clothes when the weather suddenly changes, such as if it starts to rain.

Also to put aside some towels, pajamas at new home on the first night.

II- Sort your clothes

The basic and necessary pre-packaged clothing on the move is to make your clothes clean and dry.

You can classify your clothing based on size, season, function, type of clothing, purpose of use or whatever type is suitable for you.

Once you have decided on your classification system, arrange your clothes into the corresponding pile

III- Type of clothing arrangement

  1. Roll up the clothes

When it comes to how to pack clothing when moving, you can learn a lot from those who often travel. Most of them knows how to roll clothes before putting them in their backpack or suitcases. This not only utilizes maximizes space, it also helps to prevent clothes from wrinkling.

Rolling clothes will be more effective in space saving because when T-shirts or jeans are rolled up, they will be compressed and may use less space. That means that just a suitcase, your clothes are neatly packaged. For that reason, rolls are considered to be a good option for packing

Roll clothes tips

You can learn the tips of clothing and personal items are very convenient for those who often travel

The rolling way is very simple, just fold the clothes of the half, and sleeves are folded inside (if any). At this point, roll it tight until it resembles like the shape of a tube. Now it’s ready to be stacked.

Also you can roll many types of clothing together. The rule is to create the inner core in front of a soft cloth such as socks, underwear and then wrap the clothes around. Big clothes are easy on the outside, less creased material will be near the core.

  1. Fold clothes

Clothes are folded from the inside out. In this way, any folds of your clothes will very easily disappear when opened properly.

Folding clothing has its own advantages, but the most important thing is space saving.

Note to fold the shirt vertically and pant horizontally and try to smooth the fabric.

All the quickest clothes will be available immediately below the video:

  1. Put your clothes in a big bag

Using a garbage bag or vacuum bag is considered a smart trick because packaging is much easier and more convenient. Rather than spend a lot time to fold or roll your clothes, you can put all your clothes on a big bag.

If you decide to use a trash bag, cut a large enough hole to hang and pull the bag over the garment. Tie under the clothes or use tape to ensure sticking on the top of the bag, avoid leaving clothes exposed to dirt.

Packing clothes tips
Use a garbage bag to pack clothes

You should use lanyards to hold the hook together. Tie your clothes safely is the right thing to do if you plan to use a garbage bag or bed linen as this is the best way to prevent them from falling and becoming messy.

  1. Leave the clothes in the closet

It is not easy to put your clothes in drawers. However, this may apply to light clothes, socks and towels, and ensure the drawers are tightly stick. Clothes are not very heavy, so it may works, especially when you are moving near distance. This will save you a lot of time and space. However, this method should only be applied to a plastic wardrobe, with a fragile glass wardrobe, absolutely can not apply this method. You can find out how to pack fragile furniture when moving to select the appropriate method for yourself.

IV- Clothes packing tools

  1. Use carton boxes to pack clothing

Put the clothes in a bag then put them in a carton for moving. After you have finished packing the clothes to move, label each box of clothing. Depending on which category you selected, you should add a detailed list of the contents of each of these cartons.

     2. Keep your clothes in a suitcase

Put your clothes neatly and arrange them in a suitcase or travel bag. The suitcase is lightweight and easy to store and protect clothing. So packing clothes in a suitcase is probably the best way to move your clothes. However, small luggage may not be enough to hold all your clothes

Packing tips
Put the clothes in suitcase is the best idea

     3. Vacuum bag

In addition, clothing can be vacuumed to maximize the space inside the moving box. Many people think vacuum bags are more effective because they keep a considerable amount of clothing than normal bags. But keep in mind that do not leave the suits unbuckled for longtime  because it can damage its natural fibers.

V- Other note when packing clothes

  • There are a few other things to keep in mind when you pack, which will help keep your clothes neat as you move
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and dry when packed. Wet or dirty clothing can cause mold during movement, and unwanted smears or smells can be transferred to other clothing.
  • Pack the hats in large, separate boxes so they do not bend
  • Always place heavy objects at the bottom of the carton and lighter items at the top.
  • If your clothes will be packed for a long time, such as off season clothes, consider spraying insect repellent exclusively for clothing.
  • You can prevent clothing from getting dirty by packing your own shoes with clothes. Use shoe boxes to move if you still keep them.

 This is the experience of arranging clothes quickly when moving house was synthesized NguyenloiMoving. You can see more comprehensive home moving experience to get the best preparation through your move home

Tips to pack clothes quickly within 15 minutes
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