Top 10 common jobs

List of the most common jobs for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city is not only an interesting tourist attraction, but it’s also a potential market of jobs for expats. . After sharing where expats in Ho Chi Minh City find apartment, NguyenloiMoving will share with you 10 most common jobs if you are an expat living and finding a job in this city.

I. Expat jobs in Vietnam

Nowadays, Vietnam becomes a popular recruitment market to other countries. A large number of expats come to Vietnam to find a better job and suitable to their qualifications. In addition, many expat jobs in Vietnam appeal great interest of foreigners.If you want to find a job in Ho Chi Minh city, learn more at how to find a job in ho chi minh

II- TOP 10 common jobs for expats

1. Native Speaker Teacher

If you are a native speaker and have teaching skill, you can work as a language teacher in Language centers, Universities, International schools or Vietnamese schools in Ho Chi Minh city. The required languages are various from English, French, German, Japanese, Korean to Chinese, but the most common language is English. Besides, you can be a tutor teaching language for students at home.

Some English Language Centers in Ho Chi Minh city you can take to your consideration are VUS, VASS,  ILA, Apollo, Wall Street English, Outer Space, etc. They will assign you to teach at your district.

Native English teacher
                Native english teacher is the most popular job for foreigners in Vietnam

2. Software Engineer

If you have a strong technical background, you apply for software engineer in Operations Development team. You will be responsible for creating and maintaining software.

You should have knowledge of C/C++/Java, SQL language, Perl development,…

                                           Software engineer position attracts lot of foreigners

3. Front-end Developer

Many software companies are seeking for foreign Front-end Developers. If you have experiences in front-end web development and knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Unix/Linux,… you can work as a Front-end Developer.

You are required to have good English writing and communication.

4. Graphic Designer

If you have experiences in creating graphic materials and have knowledge in Adobe suites CS5, CS6, CC, especially in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, you have a good opportunity to work as a Graphic Designer.

In Vietnamese companies, a designers normally supports Marketing team, so you have to have teamwork skill to cooperate with other members.Graphic designer is one of lead ideal jobs for expats in Ho Chi Minh

5. Interpreter/translator

This type of job requires you the knowledge of both languages (your native language and Vietnamese). You can apply for this position in translation centers and companies that want to translate foreign documents to Vietnamese or vice versa.

6. English writer

This position involves researching and writing original essays and course works on various topics in foreign language, English is the most common. You will write based on your area of interest. It can be essays, reports, literature reviews, or speeches.

7. Product Manager

If you have Technical / Programming background and knowledge of Cloud Servers / DevOps, you can apply for this position. Besides, product manager position requires you the understanding of social media marketing strategies and the integrations of social into web and mobile applications.

8. Recruitment Specialist

With this position, you must have over 4 years experiences in the same role. Besides, you have to have excellent skills and working experience in multi international company. Your English must be excellent in writing and speaking English.
Your tasks include working with line managers on recruiting plan and leading the creation of a recruiting and interviewing plan for each open position.

9. Machine Learning Expert

This position requires you on-hand machine learning experience in resolving realistic large scale machine learning projects. You should be proficient in C++ or Python programming and have the knowledge of database and parallel computation.

NguyenloiMoving has shared with you 10 top common jobs in Ho Chi Minh city nowadays. After  deciding your passion and appropriate work, you can look for job opportunities at job websites and facebook group. According to your compentence and interest, you can choose for yourself a appropriate job. NguyenloiMoving hopes that you have a happy living and working in our city. If you just work and stay in Ho Chi Minh for a short time, don’t worry, we can suggest you where to stay in ho chi minh in the next article.

List of the most common jobs for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh city
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