House moving checklist

Everything you need in a house moving checklist

Moving house is not an easy task at all. When moving house, you should have a moving checklist to keep track of all tasks that you may not remember them.

That’s why NguyenloiMoving created this Moving House Checklist to make your moving more effective. This checklist includes all important tasks in 2 months before you move.

NguyenloiMoving hopes you will have a happy moving!

8 weeks before moving

When you have found a new home, you should start to make your moving checklist. Don’t wait until one week before you move, you rush to book service and pack your stuff.

᥆ Make your moving checklist
᥆ Learn about your new neighbourhood
᥆ Transfer children’s school records
᥆ If the current house are renting, confirm your moving date with your host

᥆ Inform your move with your friends and neighbors

᥆ Assign the tasks for your family members

Moving checklist
                                  Do moving checklist to ensure enough everything

6 Weeks before moving

Ask your friends or search in the Internet for references of some good house moving service in HCMC. You should check customers’ feedbacks through companies’s Fanpage

Get the best house removal quotes and decide your moving company
Complete your new home and measure the spaces for your furniture, as well as the doors size?
Categorize which you should move to your new home and which you should liquidate. With unnecessary things, you can give them to your friends or buy them on or some Facebook groups.
Collect packaging materials such as nylon bags or carton boxes from stores or ask the moving company to supply
Check the parking restrictions for large truck at your current home and at your new home. If you live in condominium, you have to contact the administration for the permission to enter

4 weeks before moving

With 1 month left before you move, you should have to do a large number of tasks. You may be stressed, so you should take rest to have enough energy for the moving day.

Book the moving service
Clean your new house before moving to

Notify Electricity, Internet, Water suppliers of your moving.
Pack non-essential and least used stuff first
Make a note of special moving care for some items
Use up all opened packets and dispose of out-of-date goods

Start to use up all food in the fridge.
Prepare folders for your important documents.
᥆ Change your mail address to new home

Return borrowed or rented items.
Plan to carry yourself important legal documents and jewellery.

If Packing Yourself

᥆ Prepare packing material (PE wrap, bubble wrap, tape, labels, paper).

᥆ Wrap your stuff with PE wrap and pack them into carton boxes. If you don’t know how to get the boxes, you can search for these where to buy moving house boxes in saigon
Label every carton clearly with its contents and destination.

Mark clearly “FRAGILE” for fragile items

Pack light items in large cartons, heavy items in small cartons, the heavier items should be put on the bottom, which is easy and safe for the movers
Disassemble big-size furniture like bed, wardrobe. Remember to tape screws in an obvious location. If you don’t have disassembling skills, you should ask the moving service to do that for you

Prepare a necessary box with in-need items such as tea and coffee, children milk, toys, school needs, pet food, bathroom necessities, medications,…

Packing to move house
                             Write clearly the content of each box

2 Weeks before moving

Arrange for relatives or friends to take care of your children, pets on moving day.
Arrange time off work on moving day.
Ensure new home will be totally cleaned before your move to
Take the time to clean all the room before you move

Pack most everything left in your home. Label everything to make you easier to unpack in your new house

᥆ Take time to play with your children because children may be shocked when moving home. Let them be familiar with moving by packing their toys

Invite neighbors to have dinner with your family. You also have a small farewell party for your children with their friends

᥆ Contact new schools for your children

Packing the left things before moving

1 Week to Moving Day

Take photos of the current placement of your house and plan the placement of furniture in your new home.

᥆ Pack indoor plants into plastic bags and water them everyday

᥆ Pack personal stuff to take with you.

᥆ Re-confirm moving details with moving company such as times, emergency
numbers, parking and directions

᥆ Arrange the parking for the moving truck

᥆ Re-check all the room to make sure that you don’t forget anything

᥆ Separate the bed with other furniture to make you easier to assemble it when arriving new home

᥆ Call the suppliers to cancel services: electricity, water, gas, telephone, cable/satellite, internet, trash collection

The Day Before the Move

᥆ Empty out your refrigerator and unplug it

᥆ Pack the food into plastic bags

᥆ If the company packs for you, you should empty all items from furniture

᥆ Unplug all electric machines

᥆ Prepare cash for moving payment and necessary finances on moving day
᥆ Take your children to your friends or relatives house

Moving Day

᥆ Keep your cell phone on for urgent call
᥆ Clear the path for the movers

᥆ Ask movers to load kitchen boxes and in-need boxes last so they are first off the truck.
᥆ Observe the movers packing and moving your furniture

᥆ Check all items as they go into the truck.
᥆ Lock all doors and windows, turn off power, gas

᥆ Return all keys to the landlord

Monitor the moving process
On moving day, you will monitor the movers

Arriving at your New Home

᥆ Give clear directions of furniture placement to movers

᥆ Check all utilities are connected and working as usual

᥆ When completed, check all the stuff is to your satisfaction.
᥆ Have security checked and locks changed if necessary
᥆ Assemble beds and in-need items
᥆ Pick up childrens

᥆ Inform moving company immediately if anything is lost.
᥆ Pay the moving expense
᥆ Contact new suppliers of gas, electricity, internet,…

᥆ Say hello to your new neighbours

᥆ Unpack all the stuff left

NguyenloiMoving hopes that with this essential checklist, you can throw away the worries and manage in moving house with a careful moving plan. You can see more at hot tips for moving house like a pro to make your removal smoothier and easier ! If you need any support, NguyenloiMoving is willing to help you!

Everything you need in a house moving checklist
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