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The best moving organized experience when moving house

Moving is a stressful human experiences. Relocation can be one of the most hectic task if not planned well.You have to find a new house, pack entire house, search for professional household packers and movers in saigon, move and start over at the new place… The moving house experience can be very useful and make your move easier!

I – Find a new house

There are so many things to do when moving house. Firstly, you have to decide what area you want to live and your budget. You can search Google or website about housing for available rental home.

Contact the landlord by phone and explain your demand. If possible, visit the area at least once to see the house’s condition and feel for neighborhoods in your area you want to live.You can also contact rental agents and they will help you to find a new home as you need. If you have friends or family in that area, they can be your representative for touring potential rentals. To find the house easier, instead of renting a whole house, you can look into a house sharing with lower fee.

II- Planning the move

1.Plan a moving date

Decide the moving date as soon as possible to arrange your work. You can choose the day you don’t have to go to work, at weekend

2.Estimate the cost

It’s is vital to consider the cost of all stages and aspects of the potential move as well as the cost of new home before making decision

You have to think about the cost of renting a moving service, buying moving material and new furniture you need to buy or decorate at new home

The volume of what you move will impact the cost of moving. With house moving experience, you can estimate the moving cost easily. The moving cost is based on the volume of items, the package of service you choose as well as how far you move.

3. Find the reliable moving company

3.1 Choose the moving options

You must consider about hire mover and move yourself

If you don’t have the time, or the mental heath to move yourself, you can hire movers to help you. Make sure the movers take a thorough plan of  your move. 

Nowadays, the moving company gives you 3 options:

  • Truck rental only: If you don’t have too much furniture and stuff, you can handle pack and move yourself. You can get few friends to help you with your move and then offer them dinner afterwards
  • Truck Rental and mover: You handle packing yourself and there are some movers to help you load items on the truck
  • Full package service: The moving company will handle everything for your entire move: packing, wrapping, transporting, assembling,…
Full-package moving service
With full-package moving service, the movers will pack items for you

3.2. How to know the reliable moving company

You can ask friends and coworkers for recommendations of professional moving company

You can easily find moving services on google. The most useful ways to see the service’s qualify is approach their Facebook and see the reviews of customers about the service.

3.3. The procedure of moving

  • Contact the moving company

You can call the hotline and give them your information of moving such as: What you want to move, scheduled moving date, moving condition,.. and there will be consultant giving the quote for you.


With giant volume of items, the staff of moving company will undertake the survey and give the quote base on the volume viewed

2.Sign the contact

When moving is confirmed, both you and moving company will sign the contract to ensure the rights and responsibilities.

The contract will include all your agreement about the moving, volume of stuff, method of moving, packing and wrapping materials

Especially, you have to read carefully about commitment of moving company when happening loss or damage for your property.

3. Moving

At scheduled date, the crew of movers  will come and move your stuff. They will pack, wrap, transporting and assemble the furniture at old and new site

4. After moving

After finish moving you have to check carefully your items to make sure there is no loss or damage. If there is any problem with your items, address the problem with the moving company to solve.

III- Prepare for your move

1. Get rid of what you don’t need

Before putting everything into boxes, take some time to sort your stuff. If you haven’t used something in a long time, throw it away or donate the things you can’t sell to a charity organization. You could also give some things to your friends if they need.

Make a detailed checklist of what you move is easily for you to manage items 

2. Plan Your Packaging

You have to consider whether you pack yourself or have the home mover packed for you. However, whatever options you choose, you should better pack your personal items.

If you pack yourself, you can reuse your carton you have or purchase special boxes for moving, and other moving accessories like tape and bubble wrap.Tips on how to pack for moving is so useful for one who want to pack yourself. Look at how to pack clothes for moving house if you do know what you should you do with your clothes

Prepare Packing Materials

If you have a tight budget, you can reuse the boxes in your house or collect boxes in the groccery store.

3. Lable the boxes.

When packing up a room, you have to remember to label all the boxes. You can buy some marker pens and take your time to mark each box. Classify items of each room and write the contents of the box belongs in. Remember to note carefully boxes of fragile breakable items

For example:  Bathroom, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Kitchen and the key items that are in the box.

When labeling the box, it easy for you to control the items and avoid losing any boxes.

4. Reserve Elevator or Building permission

If you live in apartment, you may need to speak to building manager to allow access for moving the items in and out. You may have to do this at your destination address as well. For some apartment, you have to register the time using elevator when moving the items at moving date.

You should do this a few weeks in advance of your move. Make sure that the movers know the regulations of the building.

5. Confirm moving service again

Before moving  1 or 2 day, you should call the moving service again to remind them about the time and regulation of your building to make sure everything smoothy

IV- Moving

  • At moving day, please always keep your phone so that the moving company can contact before they start or if any changes
  • Make sure that permission in and out building have been done
  • At first, go over what you move and mention if you have any notice (which is fragile, elevator, where is difficult to move…)
  • Allocate your family member to monitor the moving process. You have to be at least 2 places: 1 person at the truck and 1 person at the items gathered
  • Fridge and washing machine is difficult for moving especially if it is a too big one. If you use the moving service, it is not your worry because the movers have full experience to move these things. However, if you move yourself or there is help from your friends, you need to pay attention to the safety. You should better read the experience about how to move a refrigerator and how to move a washing machine. You also need to learn more how to move a piano by yourself if you intend to move the piano by your own. It’s tough for you to move.
Monitor the moving process
On moving day, you will monitor the movers

With these tips for house moving, we hope that you can get out of stress and enjoy your move!

The best moving organized experience when moving house
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