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Mission of NguyenloiMoving​

Eliminate language barriers, move quickly and safely to help company have stability in your business

Moving office for foreign companies is hardly easy. Whether you move your office by yourself or book a moving service, it’s still an extreme pressure. Due to the fact that the number of qualified office moving services for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City is limited.

Moving office, simple or complex? According to the moving service company you choose. Choose the right office moving service as if you have solved 90% of the moving problem

Established in 2012, NguyenloiMoving is one of the most reliable relocation companies in providing moving services for corporate clients in Ho Chi Minh city. With more than 6 years’ expertise in all relocation related matters, NguyenloiMoving is the good choice for companies wanting the professional level.

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Talking numbers

> 500 Facebook’s 5 Star Rating Reviews on Facebook: (Verify here)

> 1000 Foreign Enterprises (*)

> 98% Customer Satisfaction after moving (**)

(*) From Data of Office moving customers

(**) From Data of Customer Service

NguyenloiMoving’s moving Competence


Packing Materials
Packing office appliances carefully with PE stretch film, PE Foam film, Bubble wrap, kraft paper and carton boxes before moving.
Bao bọc đồ đạc trước khi vận chuyển
Disassembling office machine like air conditioners, computers, printers, copiers in accordance with the technical standards.
office truck rental
Moving with 90% brand new and clean trucks, loading office machine and appliances in truck scientifically.
Reporting city’s traffic jam status
Reporting city’s traffic jam status in 24 hours by smart maps equipped in truck.


Wearing polite NguyenloiMoving’s uniforms


 Clear moving contract in English or Vietnamese

 Commitment of compensation for damages in moving process.

 Being responsible for fixing office appliances and machine in 1 month after moving (NguyenloiMoving’s mistakes)

moving truck rental

Types of package for commercial moving services.

Moving office

Rent truck only


When you choose this package, you will handle packing and moving yourself.

The office moving company will support you the truck which is suitable with your volume of items

Dịch vụ chuyển nhà chuyên nghiệp

Rent truck and movers


You handle packing yourself, business movers will come to load on truck and move to new office.

If you have equipment assembled, we will do for you.

Dịch vụ chuyển nhà tỉnh Bình Dương


NguyenloiMoving handles everything for your move including packing, wrapping, moving…

This package is a good idea in case your office is too big and the staff doesn’t have time to move the office.

Procedure of company relocation

You can contact our hotline or send message via Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook to provide moving information such as volume of office furniture, distance, moving condition…. For convenience, you can send the photo of what you move to make us easier to estimate.

Our consultant will advise on every aspect of office moving. Like other office furniture moving companies, we will address all your questions and concerns to reduce any stress of moving. We will suggest the number of  business movers, method of moving, truck,…

If you provide all the information, the consultant will give a quote for your move. In case you cannot list your stuff, our staff will come your house and estimate.

Commercial office movers of NguyenloiMoving will come and see your furniture, the moving condition (narrow stair, alley,..) to present the method of moving and give you the quote.


After negotiating about the quote, both partys – commercial moving company and customer will sign the contract to ensure the rights and responsibility.

We ensure commit 100% compensation if there is any loss or damage to your items caused by NguyenloiMoving. This will be written in the contract also

At the scheduled time on the moving day, our packing team will use PE and bubble plastic wrap to carefully pack all items.


IT System components and Highly sensitive equipment such as server, computer, fax, scanner, printer is packed and transported with extreme care to avoid dust deposit, bumps and vibrations. Ensuring that these sensitive equipment remains in good condition is our top priority.

Disassembing and Reassembling furniture

With furniture need to disassemble and assemble such as air conditioner, cabinet,· commercial moving company will disassemble and reassemble before and after the office move.


The office movers and fleet of vehicles will transport all items of furniture, carton and goods from the origin site to the destination as your instruction to ensure the the safe transportation of all items.

Sign the completion records

After finishing the moving procedure, NguyenloiMoving will give you the moving completion report to confirm all your items are safety.

After checking and make sure there is no problem with your items, please sign in the report.

Being a citizen of Vietnam, we want our country to develop rapidly. Thank you for coming HCM city to grow your business. We appreciate all values that you contribute to our country. Stop worrying about challenges of office moving which affect your company. The office furniture moving companies will organize for you instead.

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Hotline: 1800.6596

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