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Everything you need to know about house moving quotes

Nowadays, home moving service is more popular with residences in large city like Ho Chi Minh city. However, if you have not ever use moving service, you may be confused to choose a good household moving companies in ho chi minh city and what elements the moving quotes base on. NguyenloiMoving will give you a clear instruction for moving quotes and how to reduce the cost.

With over 5 years experiences in moving house, NguyenloiMoving realizes that the moving quotes usually depends on five elements including:

1.The load and size of truck

The price will fluctuate depending on the size and load of truck, the larger the load and size is, the higher the price is. Thus, you should estimate your household goods to choose the most suitable truck. If you choose a larger truck than your stuff, you waste money, but you choose a smaller truck then you have to book an extra truck. You should ask the moving company to choose the appropriate truck for you.

NguyenloiMoving rents truck to move house

2. The time of moving

The moving time in Ho Chi Minh city is from to and from to, however moving in the second time period, you must pay more money.

3.The type of moving package

Almost moving companies in Ho Chi Minh city provide three moving packages including:

– Basic home moving service: if you choose this package, you have to pack and disassemble yourself all furniture and stuff, then you rent the truck from the company. It takes you a lot of time and efforts but the moving quote is inexpensive .

– Economical home moving service: you only pack the simple stuff into carton boxes or plastic bags, the service will dismantle big-size furniture and machine then move them to your new home. You have to pay more money for movers who pack and move your stuff.

– Full home moving service: you don’t have to do anything, the service will be responsible for carrying out all moving task from packing, assembling to moving. However, this is the most expensive moving quotes.

Full moving service
The moving quotes depends on what package you want

4.The distance from curent place to your new house

The moving distance is how many kilometers from your current home to the new home. Most moving companies in HCMC use Google Maps to search for kilometers, so you can check the distance in advance to easily compare with the distance the service informs. Moving expense depend on the distance.

5.The moving conditions

– Floor: Depending on the location of the floor with elevator or stair conditions, the number of movers will fluctuate.

– Alley: If the alley is narrow, the truck cannot enter, the movers need to move the stuff by trolley to the truck.

– Basement: mainly available in condominium, if the truck is permitted to enter basements, the movers have to move the stuff by trolley to the truck.

Tips to reduce the moving expense

If you want to save money for moving, NguyenloiMoving suggests that you should do these following things:

– Giving away or liquidating unnecessary furniture because the more furniture is, the bigger the truck is.

– Packing and disassembling yourself as much furniture and machine as possible. But you should take care of your heath and safety. You can buy cheap moving boxes, and packing is not your worry anyway.

– Moving in the weekdays and in the morning, avoiding 2 times:,

NguyenloiMoving has shared with you the moving quotes and some tips to reduce the cost. If you are in need of moving home, don’t hesitate to contact NguyenloiMoving for free consulting and quoting. If you are tired of moving house, please read more experiences at How to reduce the stress of moving house, it is so helpful for you.

You can contact NguyenloiMoving via these following channels:

Don’t worry, you just send photos of the furniture via Zalo, Viber or Whatsapp (0933.027.420), the sales executives will give quote within 15 minutes.

If your furniture and stuff is too much, NguyenloiMoving will send a staff to do survey and collect information before quoting. The survey is free. If you agree with the price, we will sign the moving contract and carry out the moving.

You live in Ho Chi Minh city and wanna move home, let NguyenloiMoving move your home with good service quality and appropriate price. 

Some information required for NguyenloiMoving’s consultant:

1.The address of your current and your new home

2.Pictures of furniture and stuff

3.Moving condition

4.Time of moving

Everything you need to know about house moving quotes
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