Packing tips

15 Packing tips make everything become so easy

Whether you move one bedroom, a house or apartment, you will have trouble without house packing tips. It will be your treasure when moving home to get everything easy for your move.

  1. Start early

Even if you do not know how good your packaging is, packing always takes longer than you think. You should start packing  two or three weeks before moving. You should pack the items you use the least first. You can start packing from the book and clothes

  1. Smart packaging

Mark the things you know it will be needed first with a star or other symbol. Get your first day’s belongings – bed linen, towels, toiletries, pyjama- in a suitcase or bag in the easiest way

Just like you are on holiday, bring the items you think are the lightest or you’ll need them first when you arrive at your new home and mark them on the “first night” box.

Whether it is personal hygiene you do not want to pack in a suitcase , a assembling kit for furniture, or kitchen utensils such as coffee makers, you know that you will use it first, place it in the “Priority Items” box.

  1. Do not carry heavy objects in big boxes

Many people choose to use large box to carry heavy items, but in fact, the situation is opposite. You should put the light and small items in a large carton and place heavy items, such as books in small boxes. Carrying big cartons with heavy items will slow down the transportation process, because you have to stop to take a rest. Moreover, it may damage your bone

  1. Garbage bags are precious

Cartons are great because they can be stacked, but big trash bags are great because they are very flexible. Keep light and hard to break items into bag. They can be put into trucks and turned into other shapes that boxes can not.

  1. No need to pack clothing

You do not need to pack clothes if they are being hung up. Just keep them on the hanger, wrap them by using plastic bag and put them on the back of your truck. When you come to your new home, just hang them up, everything becomes easy

Packing clothes tips
Use a garbage bag to pack clothes
  1. Label the two sides of the carton

Mark all boxes with furniture inside and on multiple sides. If it is a fragile furniture, you must also note outside. The movers will take care of your fragile furniture

  1. Seperate items

With furniture need to assemble when moving, you should put screw and items belongs to furniture in different small plastic bag and note outside. This helps you can match with the furniture quicky and preventing from lost 

  1. Utilize maximum space

Try to use empty space of suitcase or box or whatever you can add in more things

Packing tips
Make use of space to pack
  1. Take photo before packing:  

To ensure where the cable match with, you should take picture of how the electronics cables are connected  before unpluging to easily reconnect them at new place

Packing tips
Take photo of electric before unplug
  1. Use cloth to wrap fragile things:

 Use clothes or towels to wrap  around breakable things  and in the corner of boxes to make sure everything safe.

Watch more videos about packing tips 

  1. Think outside boxes: 

You can use everything  you have beside boxes to pack such as basket, bag, suicase,…

  1. Make a hole on the boxes

To make it easy for carrying, you can cut a rectangle at both side of boxes to make handles


Packing tips
Make a triangle on the moving boxes
  1. Pack plates upright:

Use bubble wrap or paper wrap to wrap plate, bowl. Pay attention to place the plates vertically so that they are less likely to break

packing tips
Packing plates vertically
  1. Keep important document with you

With important document such as birth certificate, passport, identity, and money, you should keep it in private place and bring along with you during moving

  1. Ready

You should pack everything before the mover arrives or before the truck arrives. Reassembling furniture, and gather bolts, screws along with furniture so that you do not get lost. As you organize your transportation more quickly, your moving does not take too much time – which means you don’t have to pay extra cost of waiting incase your moving cost counted on hour. Moving services will limit the time of loading and unloading at each departure point and destination. If the transfer time exceeds the prescribed time, you will lose a huge amount of money

Besides, most of you will feel tired when you come to the new house. You will feel very happy to stay at clean new space. You deserve to be treated like that.


15 Packing tips make everything become so easy
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