Top 10 common jobs

List of the most common jobs for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city is not only an interesting tourist attraction, but it’s also a potential market of jobs for expats. . After sharing where expats in Ho Chi Minh City find apartment, NguyenloiMoving will share with you 10 most common jobs if you are an expat living and finding a job in this city. I. Expat jobs […]

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Top employment and recruitment websites for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh

With the purpose of providing helpful information about jobs in Ho Chi Minh city for expats, NguyenloiMoving has collected top best websites and Facebook groups for jobs. Most of these job websites and groups are in English, so it is easier for you to find yourself an appropriate job. I- Situation of job for foreigners […]

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apartment for expats

The best apartment hunting tips for expats in Ho Chi Minh

Finding a house for rent in Vietnam is a difficult task. If you work in Vietnam for long period during 6 month or more than 1 year, it’s really essential to find a place and settle down in Vietnam. If your budget permits, getting your own apartment and enjoy a spacious and fully furniture apartment […]

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best ideal apartment

List of the most ideal living apartments in Ho Chi Minh

Renting apartment in Ho Chi Minh City is like leaping into a jungle. There are endless possibilities but the most important is to know exactly what you are looking for and how to find an apartment in HCM After narrowing down your search by deciding on the location, what type of accommodation you want (space […]

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websites of Apartment for rent

Top rental apartment listing websites in Ho Chi Minh city

If you need to look for an apartment and want to try using the Internet to help with your search, you might wonder what you need to do, or how to get started. So many apartment hunters go online each day to find ideal apartment, and there’s no reason you can’t be one of them. Here […]

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It is difficult to know moving quote

Everything you need to know about house moving quotes

Nowadays, home moving service is more popular with residences in large city like Ho Chi Minh city. However, if you have not ever use moving service, you may be confused to choose a good household moving companies in ho chi minh city and what elements the moving quotes base on. NguyenloiMoving will give you a clear instruction […]

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House moving checklist

Everything you need in a house moving checklist

Moving house is not an easy task at all. When moving house, you should have a moving checklist to keep track of all tasks that you may not remember them. That’s why NguyenloiMoving created this Moving House Checklist to make your moving more effective. This checklist includes all important tasks in 2 months before you […]

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Dịch vụ chuyển nhà quận Gò Vấp

The best moving organized experience when moving house

Moving is a stressful human experiences. Relocation can be one of the most hectic task if not planned well.You have to find a new house, pack entire house, search for professional household packers and movers in saigon, move and start over at the new place… The moving house experience can be very useful and make […]

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Dịch vụ chuyển nhà uy tín quận 4

Professional Removal Company in Ho Chi Minh city

Household moving companyNguyenloiMoving The best moving house services for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh. Customer reviews Mission of NguyenloiMoving Eliminate language barriers, move quickly and safely to help customers have stability in their family life Learn more about us As a foreigner living in Ho Chi Minh city, you may feel anxious when moving house. There are various problems […]

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Thùng giấy carton chuyển nhà

House cleaning tips for New Year

HOUSE CLEANING TIPS FOR NEW YEAR New year is coming, everyone want to clean their house. However, cleaning up the house is not an easy task. Don’t worry NguyenloiMoving will share with you some tips to clean up your house in simple way. 1. Make a cleaning checklist Don’t clean your house in a hurry, […]

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